5 Favorite Lembang Tours for Holidays

Various famous and popular attractions for tourist destinations in Bandung and Surroundings are sure to be the middle of prey for native destinations such as tourist and certainly the exodus of out-of-town tourists, especially residents of the capital city of Jakarta and surrounding areas, will fulfill all the attraction for tourist points of the city nicknamed Paris Van Java. Have you determined the option of Bandung destinations for tourist to you with your loved ones? If not, here’s the List of Choice Recommendations 4 Tourist Attractions in Favorite Lembang ToursBandung Best For Families.

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1. Cikol Lembang Terminal Grafika
Friend pupil’s, visit the Recreation Place in Bandung, don’t miss this thrilling and thrilling attraction. The main attraction of the Tourism Termainal Cikole Lembang is because it is an integrated tourist place, so your tourism needs like enjoying beautiful natural attractions, appreciating culinary tours in pubs and restaurants, rejoicing to play on many rides until this place is also one of the locations Hotels in Bandung are very romantic.

  1. Begonia Park
    The attraction for tourist attractions of Lembang Begonia Park is this place is among the various conservation centers of archipelago blossoms, especially one of the blossoms from the island of Bali, namely Balinea Flower. A beautiful expanse of colorful flowers, is a popular shooting object for photographers, and here you might also enjoy culinary delights at the cafe when appreciating the beauty of blossom gardens and clean atmosphere.
  2. Mount Tangkuban Perahu
    Tangkuban Perahu mountain attraction for touristdestination? It appears everybody already knows, besides the tatar pasundan folklore sangkuriang, its location that’s among the active volcanoes supplies a beautiful and enchanting sensation of Tangkuban Perahu mountain crater. With a place temperature of up to 17 degrees Celsius through the day, surely this area is quite comfy for refreshing your family.
  3. Ciater Hot Spring Water
    Attraction for tourist Ciater hot spring is most unquestionably as the name suggests is the presence of hot spring baths that you might like as one of the natural spa places in Bandung which are healthy because the water contains lots of minerals which are good for the body’s health, both skin and bone.
  4. Leaf Village
    Well traveler’s buddy, not afdol if following a long day of sightseeing along many attractions in Bandung Best for the family vacation above, you don’t spend some time to visit one of the very famous culinary attractions in Bandung Lembang, Kampung Daun, located on the street Sergeant Bajuri Km 4.7.
    The culinary attraction of the foliage village in Lembang is this place is among the Romantic Dining Places in Bandung. Additionally to being spoiled with traditional traditional Bandung foods, both food and beverage, and good food, you’ll also enjoy the sensation of eating in the center of the forest with dim lighting and very cool temperatures.