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    来源:http://daryaravandegan.com 发布时间:2018-09-21

    The right choice of heating products will enable us to better use in use, there will be no frequent possibility of maintenance, and the use of a longer period of time. Next Shandong electric heating boiler manufacturer personnel to teach you to choose electric heating boiler what is more important?
    I. The choice of radiator is more important
    Nowadays, people attach great importance to indoor beauty. Some families install more floor heating. As we all know, the floor area of floor heating is very large. In the process of heat transmission, there is more heat flow than the heating plate, which also prolongs the working time of electric boilers, thus increasing the power consumption. Therefore, in the choice of radiator, copper and aluminum radiators with better heat dissipation effect can be selected, and a lot of energy can be saved.
    The choice of power is very important:
    I think most people may mistakenly think that the lower the power is, the lower the power consumption will be. Actually, unlike what you think, there are some factories that have electric heating boilers that have a power of one kilowatt to heat 10 level, so 100 level can choose 10 kilowatt power, which is enough, but you should also consider you when choosing. Is the house thermal insulation good enough? According to the effect of house insulation, there are other reasons for the loss will be different. In order to make the room temperature rise faster or shorten the working time, we should choose more than twice the heating area to save electricity.
    3. It is important to read the instructions in detail.
    After the installation and debugging of installers, it is no longer necessary for users to adjust themselves, because they are generally professional manufacturers, but it is necessary for users to read the instructions in detail, and try to let the installers teach you some simple solutions to minor problems (in case of minor problems occur in time).
    This article is dedicated by the friendship of Shandong Electric Heating Boiler. For more knowledge, please click on http://daryaravandegan.com. We will provide you with comprehensive services with advanced technology and sincere attitude. More relevant knowledge will be contributed to you one after another. Please look forward to it!