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    来源:http://daryaravandegan.com 发布时间:2019-09-08

    1. Safety hazard of control and combustion system
    1) Internal leakage of burner: if there is leakage inside the burner valve group, the leakage detector equipped with burner fails or the burner without leakage detector at all, combustible gas will enter the furnace, and once ignited, the furnace may explode. This is one of the main reasons for the explosion of gas-fired boilers.
    2) Insufficient combustion: improper control of burner air-fuel ratio will cause insufficient combustion of natural gas and produce carbon monoxide, which may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning in boiler room.
    3) Dry burning: if the low water level alarm and ultra-low water level locking protection device fails, it is easy to cause the boiler to dry up. If effective emergency measures are not taken, the wrong water supply will lead to boiler explosion.
    2. Gas leakage in gas pipeline or boiler room flue may lead to poisoning or explosion accident.
    3. Potential safety hazards of boiler safety accessories, including safety valves, thermometers, pressure gauges, water meters, etc., have not been regularly inspected or regular discharge tests have not been carried out according to the regulations, resulting in potential safety hazard accessories and instruments;
    4. Atmospheric pressure boiler adopts pressure operation. The overpressure operation of pressure boiler may cause irreversible damage to the boiler body, even cause safety accidents, and may lead to hidden dangers of gas-fired boiler operation
    These are the problems that should be paid attention to in the use of gas-fired boilers. These are not only to control the occurrence of safety accidents, but also conducive to the daily maintenance of the boiler, through these inspection items can make the service life of the boiler longer.
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