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    来源:http://daryaravandegan.com 发布时间:2019-09-15

    Method 1: drying method
    This method is to discharge water when the temperature of boiler water drops to 100-120 ℃ when the boiler is shut down. When the water is exhausted, the boiler inner surface is dried by using the residual heat in the furnace, igniting a slight fire or introducing hot air into the furnace.
    Method 2: drying agent method
    The desiccant method is to drain the water in the boiler when the temperature of the boiler water drops to 100 ~ 120 ℃ after the boiler is out of service. The metal surface is dried by using the residual heat in the furnace, and the scale and water slag deposited in the boiler water system are cleaned up. Then the desiccant is put into the boiler to keep the metal surface dry without corrosion. The commonly used desiccants are: anhydrous calcium chloride, quicklime and silica gel
    Method 3: wet maintenance
    Wet maintenance is generally applicable to the maintenance of boilers whose shutdown time is less than one month. After the boiler is shut down, the boiler water shall be drained according to the specified time, and the scale, water slag and ash shall be cleaned up.
    Method 4: pressure maintenance
    Xinxiang oil and gas-fired boiler manufacturers believe that it is suitable for production of standby boilers or boilers that are out of service for a short period of time less than one week. After shutdown, drain the boiler water, clean up the scale and water slag in the furnace, and add qualified softened water again.
    定期用小火加热,或定期利用相邻锅炉的蒸汽加热炉水,使锅炉内的炉水温度夏季应保持在环境温度+10℃左右,冬季应使炉水不冻结 ,关闭放空阀、排污阀和放水阀,不让漏水。
    Heat the boiler water regularly with small fire or steam from adjacent boilers to keep the boiler water temperature in the boiler at + 10 ℃ in summer and keep the boiler water from freezing in winter. Close the vent valve, drain valve and drain valve to prevent water leakage.
    Method 5: thermal method
    此法用于停炉时间在10天以内. 方法是在汽包上方安装一个水箱,用管子和汽包相联通.锅炉停用后,充满除过氧的水,水箱中大半充满着水.水箱用外来蒸汽通入加热,使水箱中水经常保持沸腾状态.所述做好课后及时复习的要点适用于本环节外,还必须注意以下几点:
    This method is used to stop the boiler within 10 days. The method is to install a water tank above the drum and connect the pipe with the drum. After the boiler is shut down, it is filled with water excluding peroxide, and most of the water tank is full of water. The water tank is heated by external steam to keep the water in boiling state. The key points of timely review after class are applicable to this link, and the following points must be paid attention to:
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