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    来源:http://daryaravandegan.com 发布时间:2019-09-28

    Correct learning method of culture course
    Many art examinees will blindly do questions when they review the culture class. If they do it for a long time, the art examinees will often feel exhausted, and the review has not achieved the expected effect.
    In fact, the art examinee's review of culture class is not entirely wrong, but the art examinee should still do "fine" when doing the test. Do some real questions of college entrance examination over the years, do targeted questions, find the knowledge points and question types that you are not good at, reflect more, and carry out corresponding training.
    Adjust learning attitude
    Because art examinee's cultural course foundation is weak, so they will have fear or anxious psychology when they review. Therefore, art examinees should adjust their mentality of review, learn how to learn, learn to reflect and establish self-confidence in review.
    Grasp the foundation, avoid difficulties and find test sites
    In the college entrance examination of culture course, the basic knowledge accounts for 70% of the proportion. Therefore, art candidates should learn the knowledge points in the books when they review. They should learn to avoid taking up a lot of time for the problems and partial questions in the problem making process. Moreover, the art candidates should also learn to read the test outline, understand the key points and test points of the college entrance examination, and lay emphasis on them in the process of review. The art examinee goes to study the culture class like this also can have the effect of half the effort.
    In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that there are differences between art examinees and ordinary senior three examinees. Art examinees should not follow the common senior three examinees blindly to learn, but form their own review system in the study of cultural courses.
    本文由山东艺考文化课培训整理发布,您是不是对这些内容有所了解了呢?更多的内容请点击:http://www.lushipeixun.com 我们会有更多精彩内容等你查看。
    This article is organized and released by the training of culture course of Shandong Arts examination. Do you have any understanding of these contents? For more information, please click: http://www.lushipeixun.com  We'll have a lot more to see.