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    Phenomenon 1: oil consumption is large, but exhaust smoke color is normal, power does not reduce.
    Cause: this situation is generally caused by oil leakage.
    Treatment method:
    (1) First of all, the oil pipes outside the engine lubrication system (including the inlet and return pipes of supercharger) should be checked for oil leakage;
    (2) Check whether there is oil at the exhaust outlet of supercharger. If there is oil, it can be judged that the sealing ring at one end of the turbine is damaged, and the sealing ring should be replaced.
    Phenomenon two: large oil consumption, exhaust smoke, but power does not decline.
    Causes: the oil leakage at the compressor end of the supercharger is caused by the oil entering the combustion chamber through the engine intake pipe, which may be caused by the following:
    (1) The oil return pipe of supercharger is not smooth, and the oil accumulates too much at the middle support of the rotor assembly, and flows into the compressor impeller along the rotor shaft.
    (2) After the seal ring or oil slinger ring at one end of the compressor impeller is damaged, the oil enters the impeller chamber, and then enters the combustion chamber with the pressurized air in the chamber.
    Treatment method:
    (1) Open the compressor outlet or engine intake straight pipe (rubber hose) to see if the pipe orifice and pipe wall adhere to oil. If yes, please check whether the oil return pipe of supercharger is unblocked. If it is not smooth, it is caused by excessive oil accumulation at the middle support. The oil return pipe should be dredged and reassembled.
    (2) If it is smooth, it is caused by the damage of the sealing ring or oil slinging ring at one end of the impeller. The supercharger should be disassembled for repair.
    Phenomenon 3: large oil consumption, exhaust smoke or black smoke, and power decline.
    (1) The clearance between the piston and the cylinder is worn too much, and the engine oil rushes into the combustion chamber and is burned off.
    (2) In the process of air being sucked in by the supercharger, the air flow meets with greater resistance. (for example, the air filter element is blocked, the intake rubber tube is sucked out of shape or flattened, etc.), the pressure at the compressor inlet is low, which causes the oil leakage into the compressor and enters the combustion chamber together with the compressed air to burn off.
    Treatment method:
    (1) Check whether there is oil in the wall of the air inlet straight hose, whether it is flattened, so that the air flow is blocked or the air filter element is blocked.
    (2) If there is oil in the pipe orifice and pipe wall, clean or replace the air filter element.
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